I use Windows 10 Pro. I paid extra for it so I can do extra stuff that I require. I also use the laptop with Win10 for my Astronomy cameras and presentations. Every other month an update comes out that fucks with my VPN software, fucks with my USB to Serial drivers, fucks with the speeds of my god damned USB ports(!!!) and the creator content pack added a shit ton of "apps" that all try to grab internet connections against my will opening up security holes. Most of these I cannot disable or remove. (BTW shitheads, on a desktop these bits of code that run are called programs. Apps run on mobile devices and yes that matters.)

I'm 99.99999999% done with Microsoft. All of it. We are going to move to LibreOffice at work once I get the final proposals nailed down and we are going to send them a donation. I'm so fed up with the Exchange and Office365 (Not to mention Outlook Online and its fucking bullshit) that I am making the case to spend 20K in training to replace all of it. the only thing holding me back is my end user community.

I do not want a social media app in my fucking operating system. In fact, you shitheels, I do not want ANY FUCKING PROGRAM AT ALL THAT CONNECTS TO THE FUCKING INTERNET installed without my express permission and understanding! Not the Netflix app. Not the fucking Twitter shit. Not Facebook. And I want to murder Onedrive but you even took that away from us. If I am going to pay on average $200 more than a normie for your fucking operating system's Pro and Enterprise versions you and your marketing fuckwits should know by now that I probably have a reason for doing so; don't treat me like a grandma on her old fucking Gateway cow-print beige box.

My desktop that I game on is running Win8.1 I refuse to upgrade further, and will go full LInux once 8.1 is no longer supported. If I could roll my laptop back to Win7? I'd do it in a fucking minute (driver issues and system board support does not exist for pre Win10 OS's) I don't think anyone at MS talks to people who use computers any more. I do not want to convert my borderline super computer INTO A FUCKING IPAD YOU SHITS. The start menu abortion needed me to buy extra software to fix your fucking UI "upgrade" assholes.

Microsoft has me so pissed off right now I am considering Apple hardware. Fuck you Microsoft.


Apple is kind of heading in the same direction, now that there's an app store (and OS X certainly phones home at least some). My bigger complaint with them, though, is that their hardware is still really overpriced, and they're hostile to upgrading (even when they don't solder the RAM in place, it's still a huge PITA to get to).

I'm planning on buying a new machine in April, and I'm on the fence about whether it'll run Linux or Windows 10. The only reason I'm remotely considering the latter is gaming compatibility. And if I do go Windows 10, I'm installing Steam, Firefox, and nothing else, and will use my Linux laptop for anything involving actual information.

posted 867 days ago