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This was a weird experience for me. I almost sympathized with Bannon for his disdain of the financial elites, but naw, this is someone enabling a resurgence of white supremacism with their brand of politics. It doesn't really matter how racist Bannon himself may or may not be.

Sometime around mid 2017, Trump probably managed to convince himself that all of Bannon's ideas were actually his own the entire time. And Bannon had to have known that it was only a matter of time before he was dismissed as Trump came into increasing contact with Mnuchin, Cohn, and other Goldman Sachs types. Here's to hoping that things change enough between 2016 and 2020 that Bannon's strategies are no longer valid, but the racism isn't going anywhere, except maybe deepening. I can't think of another channel other than Bannon through which Donald Trump has much of a chance of staying in touch with his base in rural America. Is (tasking a staffer with) reading Breitbart enough?

    Clearly [Bannon]’s preoccupied by Trump’s upcoming offer to the Dreamer kids. When Trump finally utters those words, Bannon cannot fathom them. “It’s unbelievable,” he says. “Terrible, terrible.” He watches the muted reaction inside the Capitol. The Democrats just sit there, glaring at Trump. But the Republicans sit there too. There’s no deal to be had. Trump just blew up his base for nothing.

    “Who talked him into it?” I ask.

    “I’ll let you guess,” he says. He says something else a moment later, but his publicist shouts, “That's off the record!”

I'll put my money on Ivanka and Kushner. A lot of my money.

Think Bannon's bitter enough to testify some meaty info to Mueller?

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