1) Daniel Craig humming would be in the script, which would make it sacrosanct. That means it's in dialog which means everything else is subservient to it.

2) Actually, we're annoyed to fuck that everyone notices the visuals and not the sound because it's fucking annoying. But you almost never get to call attention to the sound design. Unless you're Ben Burtt.

3) we roll our eyes when the reverb and echo gets called to the fore because it means that somewhere along the way, someone lacked the balls to believe in the narrative. he's probably a mid-level studio exec, everyone hates him, he's actively hurting the project but there's always that one fucking moron in the test screening who doesn't understand a goddamn thing unless you club them over the head with it. Last movie I did? Here's a real note: "there's confusion as to whether Person X locked Person Y in a closet here (despite the fact that it's the same door they just came through) so can you fix that?" In other words, can you add the sound of someone stomping away down the hall screaming at the top of their lungs even though we don't have audio of the actress doing it and it's completely out of character?

4) Speaking as a sound designer, this is all a bullshit argument to make because the exact same points could be used with the movie fucking muted. This is not a scene carried by sound design. But then, it's some fucking choad on Youtube with a memory shorter than a golden retriever's. It's not what Ben Burtt does anyway. Ben Burtt does this:

And he's damn good at it. Mute that shit and tell me how cute the trash compactor is.

You wanna see "seeing with your ears?" For that you need Walter Murch.

Jesus. $3600 a video. Fuck off with that shit.

posted by galen: 364 days ago