I was in the Army National Guard from 1998 to 2004. I think I've mentioned it before on hubski that I loathed those "support the troops" magnets people put on their cars. As one of the people they were ostensibly supporting, it seemed clear it was nothing about me and primarily about supporting George Bush and his war.

I know invoking Michael Moore garners strong reactions from some on all sides of the political spectrum, but there's a line from Fahrenheit 9/11 that stuck with me. It's discussing the volunteer military and that the expectation should be that they're sent into danger only when absolutely necessary. That's what "support the troops" failed to do. Supporting the troops would have meant questioning the civilian leaders. It would have meant pressure to avoid conflict. Instead all they (important note: I never deployed) got was letters from third grade classes and care packages of junk food.

posted by johnnyFive: 366 days ago