been discovering the classics of the genre thanks to r/listentothis

sort of a combination of lounge jazz, funk and synthwave. it's like their answer to george michael except way more appealing to me for whatever reason.

here's an album i have on right now:

here's the song i heard which made me realize i needed to do some research:

here's something to look at:


Hey, happy to see this thread. Been listening to a lot of 70's 80's Japanese lounge and rock n roll kinda stuff.

This guy Starfunkel does these killer mixtapes from all over the world, his "Japan" one is funkier than hell though.

I'd recommend "Brazil" as well. Lots of funk and bossa nova.

Here's some other Japanese artist I've been listening to.

Jazz Fusion


Jazz Lounge

Rock n' Roll

More Rock n Roll

The last two are a bit old for this thread but they shred so well. I'm

generally never disappointed by the musicianship of Japanese exports.

Excited to go through that chart and find some new tunes.

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