After at least one person had already asked the question, Geeraedts followed up to ask Hoekstra about a John Adams quote — Adams was America's first ambassador to Holland — that was mounted right behind the new ambassador.

    Hoekstra said he had read the quote, which expresses Adams's hope that only “honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

    “If you’re truly an honest and wise man, could you please take back the remark about burned politicians or name the politician that was burned in the Netherlands?” Geeraedts asked.

In case you didn't know, the Dutch are known for their bluntness.


"If we don't have any further questions - "

"But we do! he didn't answer his question or his question or his question - "

"If there are no further questions - "

"This is the Netherlands that's not how it works you have to answer questions!"

posted by veen: 588 days ago