Our six-part podcast series explores how states draw electoral districts and what's being done to try to reform the process.

This series is excellent. I stayed in my car glued to the speakers before I would go inside. Timely history as well as recent legal developments are covered, but with added discussion of some scholarship around districting (did you know that population self-selection, people moving into preferred neighborhoods or districts based on political affiliation, may account for more of the political effects of gerrymandered districts than official district drawing?). The most riveting listening comes from the research they do into several states' unique attempts to solve gerrymandering. Informative, hysterical, and absorbing interviews with key players, great production... A+.

bfv, b_b I think you two would appreciate this.


It's funny that all three of you Hubskiers' nicknames start with "b".

Thought you might appreciate some unexpected alliteration.

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