If Mueller has built a decent case surrounding the obstruction of justice charge, what's to prevent him from shelving his findings and digging even deeper? I would wager that he's collecting evidence for multiple charges, levied against multiple people, well aware that after he fires off the first shots against a Trump family member, they'll be coming after him with every available resource. Might as well delay any announcements in favor of loading every cannon first.

Also, I hope you saw that Manafort is suing the special counsel. The case is something like "You weren't supposed to be investigating my crimes, so I should be free to go." I think the end result will be a tightening of his ankle monitor.

It's probably best for me to confess that although I strongly suspect Trump is guilty of pretty much everything discussed pertaining to the special counsel's investigations, I'm not certain that he is. And I want to make uncertainty sexy. We need it, as a society, but it's sorely out of fashion at the moment.

posted by b_b: 475 days ago