Talk about a thin skin.

So how much are we talking about here? Congress authorized 1.1b in military aid to Pakistan. Their GDP is about 300 billion. So. About 0.3% of their economy is military aid from the US. If this were the US, we'd be talking about $55 billion. The cost to rebuild Puerto Rico has been pegged at $95 billion. Houston probably took a $50 billion hit.

Let's see how deep China's pockets are.


It's good that they don't have a potentially nuclear blood feud with any of their neighbors. Right?

Seriously, isn't our military aid to them as much about keeping peace with India as it is about the money itself? Does this fucking dipshit even bother to ask questions before he flies off the handle? Would he even know what questions to ask about repercussions?

posted by kleinbl00: 381 days ago