Since I've finally seen it, we can talk about it now (obligatory /s).

I'm in the "generally liked it" camp, and haven't seen much in the way of criticism that has persuaded me otherwise (which is not to say it's impossible).

Most of the stuff that I found clunky I actually attribute to how much The Force Awakens sucked, which really hurt TLJ's ability to build on a story. They had to put some patches on the foundation, and what they were trying to do. For example, why is the rebellion still a rebellion after the original trilogy? TFA kind of hand-waived that, and now suddenly the First Order is the powerful faction again?

There's an interesting meta element to the movie: for all the flak that TFA (rightly) got for being an almost shot-for-shot remake of A New Hope, TLJ seemed to go out of its way to go in a completely different direction. I generally liked that. In particular:

1. I liked the send up of the "lone hero does everything" trope

2. I liked that Rey's parents were not special (I was dreading for like half the movie that she'd be Ren's sister)

3. The way they played with the idea of legendary people (especially with Luke) was cool

4. Related to this, the way the codebreaker played out (both in it not being the person they were directed to and the moral ambiguity in his outlook)

Things I didn't like:

1. It can't quite decide in places what it wants to be about. For example, Ren saying that they should do away with the First Order, and the Jedi, and the Rebellion.....and he and Rey should rule. It was a cool moment up until that part. The "legends aren't all they're cracked up to be" thing kind of gets thrown away at the end, too

2. The dead weight of TFA encumbering the whole thing

3. Felt rushed, there was a lot that wasn't explained in a way that should be. E.g. who was Snoke? How did Kylo Ren turn?



The move was far too long. IF they had managed to drop the run time to 90 minutes, trim some of the fluff, ie the sidequest to the casino, I think it would have been better.

To your point 2, yes I am so glad that Rey is a nobody. I was frightened that she was going to be a Skywalker.

4. The Codebreaker was a nice touch, but I think he was a bit wasted. In the old days, they did serial movies where there would be a chapter a month or so. This was a way to get people out to the theaters, tell a complex story if they wanted, and compete with television. There is such a deep set of Star Wars lore that they could make 90 minute movies and release them quarterly. This brings people to the theaters, making the theaters happy. They make money, making the studios happy. And the fans get better content. Hell, make the mid-year movies a way to get up and coming directors a shot at making a name for themselves and Disney can build a massive talent pool.

Snoke was a waste of a character. The First Order is a waste of a good idea. And still the movie was too long.

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