This is the sixth State of Hubski.

I can't say that know the state of Hubski very well. This year I have been more a user of Hubski than an admin, and I have not been as active as I have in any years previous. Within the last year, I quit my day job as a researcher to work on Forever Labs full time; this included a summer in Y Combinator, and a whole lot of travel. For this reason, and others, this has been one of the most transformative years in the 42 I've had thus far.

I am glad that Hubski is where it is at now before this year happened.

From day time I started Hubski, I knew that it would just be something that I do no matter what. That's not going to change. In fact, in some ways, I am in a better place to support Hubski than I have ever been. I have a feeling that Hubski can yet evolve, that it will evolve, but that the technology isn't there just yet. Hubski is and always will be a place for thoughtful communication. That is its purpose. I can imagine that we can better enable that, but I am not a fan of doing things just because we can.

Forever Labs is going to be no less consuming this year. However, I intend to make some deliberate improvements to Hubski, and I value the ability to swing in and chat it up with you all more than ever. You are family. Still, I have this odd feeling that Hubski is going to grow significantly one of these years...

Like I said, I can't say that I know the State of Hubski extremely well beginning this New Year. However, I suspect that it is as strong as ever; on my end, it is.

Thanks, thenewgreen, rob05c, forwardslash, and insomniasexx.

Thanks, hubskiers.

Happy New Year, Hubski!


...shall we acknowledge that 2017 was the first year Hubski paid for itself?

posted 945 days ago