Have you been procrastinating? Have you painted yourself into a corner? Is there a hump that you just can't quite overcome?


I had every intent of writing three screenplays this year. I think I stopped on page 8 of the first one. It's so hard to give a fuck anymore.

Know what's retarded? I had an in-language socially-conscious put-it-in-Surround Oscarbait short and it was the most fucking miserable I've ever been mixing (which is, indeed, saying something). It was truly a wretched experience. Two days ago I got paid $500 to do a quick pass on a couple 45-second Instagram videos. I didn't even have to freshen up my coffee. That puts me in the horrific position of wanting to mix a bunch of shit most people will experience under protest with the volume off over the "important" stuff we all got into the industry to do.

posted by user-inactivated: 546 days ago