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Giving Bigelow Aerospace $22m a year (or a portion thereof) to collect random bits of mystery detritus in and around Vegas isn't conspiracy, that's operational security. Of the 701 "unexplained" sightings in Project Blue Book, something like 400 of them were U-2, A-12 or SR-71 flights. Go out to Alamo, NV and the bars and hotels all have pieces of aerospace junk up on the walls; those are the bits that the Area 51 guys didn't snag first. One of the last secrets about the U-2/A-12/SR-71/F-117 projects is the paint; apparently they'd rather burn the leftovers in a ditch than deal with disposing of it legally and no, you don't get to know what exactly gave you cancer that's a state secret.

There's a photo somewhere of a UFO society meeting in Vegas back in the '60s. Of the dozen people in the group photo, like three of them are CIA. When the "unidentified flying object" is likely made by Lockheed or Northrop, you want to have close contact with anybody hunting for it.

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