Fico, though, wasn't speaking just for people in his own country. Rather, he was giving voice to those across Central and Eastern Europe who have long wondered why Nutella doesn't taste as chocolatey at home as it does in Germany, for example, or why the cola isn't as full-bodied and the washing powder doesn't work as well.

    He was speaking for 103 million EU citizens who for years have been forced to make due with second-rate versions of brand-name products. Not only that, but questionable studies have even claimed to show that Eastern European consumers prefer the mediocre goods to the real thing. The Polish newspaper Gazeta Prawna has referred to the phenomenon as "grocery racism."

Devac goobster


No way. West shitting on that region? Such an unprecedented turn of events! It's almost like, well, almost entirety of history. That's why I'm not surprised. There were numerous articles like that one in the Polish press, but they were stemming from the place of butthurt and I doubt any of those are available in English.

Though, it would explain why I can make better detergents at home than what I can buy. Food isn't much of a concern for me because I avoid stuff with added sugar (read: most things) and make almost everything myself from raw ingredients. Believe it or not, but it saves time and money.

Please, don't make me regret responding to a politics/economics thread. I don't give a rat's arse either way but will respond in kind.

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