Disclaimer: I have never met Tim Lynch nor do I have any professional or friendly relationship with him.

Context: Most of modern-current-poetry-as-an-interactive-group has felt hollow and masturbatory and recursive and hollow to me most of this past year. This poetry absolutely does not.

Addendum: Hubski is a place that often appreciates, and at least appreciates enough to use, the flash-in-the-dark once-in-a-meteor-shower good indendepently published online poem.

(PS no hate to lit cat because I like it and it should keep getting put up on here, so <3 to all)


    & carried you through that threshold

    to my other life. & see, it's the same fucking life.

yup, pretty much.

I like the way he uses Sharpied as a verb, as in

    She Sharpied insults

    on the sock I forgot & mailed it back."

We don't have Smashburger here, but I looked it up and, indeed, it was closing everywhere -- but that's not exactly what the poem is about.

posted by _refugee_: 397 days ago