It’s probably from somewhere near Irvine that the botulinum toxin starts its journey to Westport. The company won’t say where in Ireland the toxin makes landfall or how it makes its way from there to Westport. “It never leaves Allergan’s control,” says Paul Coffey, general manager of Allergan’s Westport facility. “There would be a very small number of people who are aware of the shipment.” And it would be a rare event—there can be a year or more between deliveries.

    The company has “no concerns about our security processes despite the madness that’s happening in the world at the moment,” says Coffey. “It just reminds us that if we ever were thinking we didn’t need to have that kind of security, well, yes you do.” As for whether Saunders has ever visited Westport’s most secure production area—or even has the clearance to enter—Coffey answers, “Absolutely not.”

posted by kleinbl00: 465 days ago