One more case with so many "easy" answers that turn out to be hard.

Sentencing is particularly lenient in this case, I think. Shouldn't the dude that sold the gun get more than a year? Would other sellers be so cavalier about not following procedure, if this guy went away for 10 years, minimum?

And transferring it illegally to another person gets you a year in jail? Is that all? Why not accessory to murder? (Yeah... I know why... because you can only prosecute cases you can WIN, and Accessory is hard to win.)

The blunt instrument of the law is inefficient and weak against this type of activity. It'd be nice to see prosecutors given some greater leeway, and sentences be MUCH heavier.

Sure. Sentencing won't stop those who are gonna do it anyway. But at least we can pull them off the street and out of public for a decade or more. That's gotta count for something...

posted by kleinbl00: 430 days ago