500 mile (806 km) range at max weight

        megacharging: 400 miles (644 km) per 30minutes

        5s to 60mph by itself, 20s to 60mph full laden

        autopilot standard (automatic emergency breaking / lane keeping / collision warning)

        65mph at 5% grade (as opposed to 45 mph for diesel)

        production 2019

        brakes last a very long time (regen does the heavy lifting)

        1,000,000 mile drive line guarantee

        no chance of jackknife

        0.36 drag coefficient

        thermo-nuclear explosion proof glass


        4 individual drivetrains

        price: ???

        80,000lbs (36,287kg) gross vehicle weight

        < 2 kWh/mi

        cost per mile is 20% better solo and 2x better in convoy, better than rail.

    Roadster 2:

        1.9s 0-60, 4.2s 0-100 mph.

        > 250 mph (402 kph) top speed

        620 miles (998 km) of range

        200kwh pack

        4 seats

        10,000 NM torque


    Price: $200k (base), $250k (founders)

Most notable to me is the insane ranges on both vehicles.


That Roadster is insane. He could sell a nerfed version of it and people would still want it. Though if it's a 2+2 configuration, the term "roadster" might be a bit of a misnomer and I remember the last time there was an argument on Hubski about what constitutes a sports car and I think Musk is trying to bring up bad blood.

Edit: Damn. That $200,000 price tag is insane for that kind of performance.

posted by veen: 612 days ago