She’d come to her job inside the little box marked “Rural Development” without any particular ambition to be there. The sums of money at her disposal were incredible: the little box gave out or guaranteed $30 billion in loans and grants a year. But people who should have known about it hadn’t the first clue what it was up to. “I had this conversation with elected and state officials almost everywhere in the South,” said Salerno. “Them: We hate the government and you suck. Me: My mission alone put $1 billion into your economy this year, so are you sure about that? Me thinking: We are the only reason your shitty state is standing.”


Linking to the previous Michael Lewis piece on the DoE:

I'd love it if he did NASA next. I guess there's not so much a sense of urgency there, though; NASA isn't keeping anyone alive (as directly), although the climate science they're doing arguably does/will.

I'd also love to hear some counter-arguments to the allegations he's laid out. But it has to be (like he says) something more sophisticated than "big government is bad, and the poor all deserve their lot in life because they're just lazy".

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