In a few of the points, the author discusses elimination of urban parking as a given from automated vehicles. I don't agree, or maybe I just don't understand the scenario.

Here's what I see. Urban offices see employees file in between 6:30 and 9:00 each morning, with employees parking and then walking into their offices. The logistics of those same cars dropping off the riders without a large off street area to do so sounds like a mess.

And then there's the obvious issue of where the cars go. The author does mention this briefly (cars roaming streets) with no real solution. Do we see a double rush hour as cars drive to businesses, drop their riders, and then drive back out to parking lots in low value areas? This is even more of an issue of we assume these are electric cars with limited range and long recharge times.

I like the promotion of bikes, but that's going to require making the urban areas more livable so rides are a two or three miles and not fifteen miles each way. People have to want to live there. Currently, I'd say people want to get out of dense areas and that it has nothing to do with cars or roads.

posted by veen: 584 days ago