He continued: “I thought it was interesting that this is happening, yet so many people are unaware of it. And the problem is people aren’t talking about it. What I’ve learned, as a guy, is to just ask women questions and listen to what they have to say. Go to your group of female friends and ask them about times they’ve experienced sexism at their job, and you’ll get blown away by the things they tell you. You’ll think, ‘What the fuck? This is way darker than anything I’d imagined.’”

    I then proceeded to ask him about the sexual misconduct allegations against Louis C.K., a sometime mentor of Ansari’s. The two share a manager, Dave Becky, and booking agent, Mike Berkowitz—two of the more powerful figures in the comedy world, who also represent Kevin Hart and a slew of other top-shelf comics.

    “I’m not talking about that,” Ansari brusquely replied.


That's too bad. I've always liked Louis's comedy because of the perspective he brought to controversial topics. But now that the allegations are out, stuff he has said have taken a really gloomy turn in retrospect. It's just not at all funny with the new context...

Queue living in fear my other favourite comedians will get accused of sexual misconduct soon? It's just revolting how it has all been ignored and covered up in the industry. Surely living in the public eye would make you more concerned about covering up other people's misconduct? Look at all the shit John Stewart is getting for lauging off the matter when asked about it. Would it not make more sense to blacklist the rapists and assaulters, if only for the potential bad repercussions on your career?

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