I'm in a shitty mood and Disney is a shitty company.


    Earlier this week, the company announced that, in response to the Los Angeles Times' unflattering stories about business dealings between Disneyland and the city of Anaheim, critics from the paper would be barred from attending advanced screenings of its films.


    Does anybody need another live-action version of The Jungle Book? What about The Lion King, a film featuring, as any father of a 2-year-old will tell you, no human characters and a lot of annoying talking animals?

An exercise in which we use your indignation at the continuous assault on freedom of the press to make you feel better about your misanthropic hatred of whatever the proles are watching these days.

    the latter end of the corporate wokeness spectrum.

Nope I'm done. Disney is a shitty company but this is a shitty article.

posted by kleinbl00: 437 days ago