This is Menlo Park. mk and I had lunch there last week. It is sketchy. It is minority. It is economically depressed. it is right off the goddamn freeway and filled with tiny, shitty houses.

This is the most recent home sale near where we had lunch. it's literally the next street over, a 2 minute walk.

It's 1100sqft, 3br, 1 bath. What do you think it went for?

How about $1.1m?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that nobody in that neighborhood is buying in that neighborhood. So the people that have lived there their whole lives are being priced out of their own neighborhoods by assholes that can afford $1.1m starter homes. And the people that make their sandwiches at Panera Bread? They're spending three hours in the car. For the honor of sweeping the floors at Dropbox, people are changing their oil every month.

$100/sqft in the land of shitty shotgun shacks. Gini coefficient on par with Rwanda.

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