The GOP offsets some of those costs by raising taxes on individual earners who use tax breaks such as the mortgage interest deduction and the state and local tax deduction. But critics say the GOP could have chosen to overhaul the tax code in a way that concentrated benefits on middle- and working-class Americans — and chose not to.


A guy I know went through a hellish divorce. As in he ended up homeless in order to pay alimony and childsupport and not end up in jail. She sued him for the legal bills needed to fight him, then trashed his credit intentionally so it would be harder for him to keep a security clearance. He's better now, but he just exploded on facebook about the new tax bill. Alimony will no longer be a deductible item under the new rules. This is what he linked

Oh, and dumbass proudly voted Trump because he hates Hillary, and Trump cared about the 'little guy' out here in 'Merica. Part of me wants to stand up and scream "FUCK YOU DUMBASS" and laugh in his face. The other part of me wants to sit back with popcorn and watch the cognitive dissonance crumble. At least his three kids get to go to school and he only has about 3-4 more years of alimony left.

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