Amazon is full of evil masterminds. They are going to get billions in tax breaks and handouts from this. I have to say, brilliant plan. Let everyone out there did a hole to the bottom, find the people willing to dig deeper, and suck at the taxpayer and public teat for all its worth.

As much as I would love this thing to move out here, I'm kinda of the mind now that the emotion has worn off that we cannot afford it. Foxcom is getting $3 billion The deal won't make the state any money by some calculations for 10 years, that article mentions 25. That is for 3,000 jobs, most of those in construction, not actually at the plant.

$3 Billion for up to 12,500 jobs? how much are states willing to go into the red for 50,000 jobs?

posted by user-inactivated: 462 days ago