I read this thing recently that really stuck with me - social media and the perception of perfection has resulted in lower confidence among millennials. Where ever it was, it was a throw away argument, a stepping stone on the path to a point about millennials in the workplace.

But it did resonate with me. This idea that the world we were brought up seeing was a hyper reality, realer than real, and because our actuality is lame by comparison, we don't have the right to assault the rest of the world with our flawed ideas.

That thought bounces around in my head every time I see a boomer (or now, Xer) explain who we are, what we believe, how we think, and why we act the way we do. When I see these, I feel deep down that the assumptions are mistaken, and someone needs to set them right. But Who Am I to be the one to do the correcting? My articles aren't bouncing around the globe, my voice isn't playing from every car, my video isn't impressed on a million screens. It's better to stay quiet and let the people who know be the ones who speak.

But as I get older and the curtain inches its way back, I see more and more that those unassailable people don't necessarily know more than me, they're just more confident in their knowledge.

I think movements like these yimbys are a counter culture to that feeling of insecurity. These are people who are willing to start a fight and make a fuss for what they think is right. I hope to see more such confidence from my generation, regardless of what the analysts say.

posted by user-inactivated: 471 days ago