I learned about gated reverb and downloaded a TR-909 plugin then... well, you have to make vaporwave then, right?


It's not crap. It's quite catchy in places. I read somewhere once that beginning musicians have such a hard time because they're exquisitely trained to recognize what's good in music but yeoman at best at creating what's good and the dichotomy drives them bugshit.

I say keep it up.

Which is a lot better than what I wrote this morning, which was grumping about the title "vaporwave" which I hadn't heard until like two weeks ago yet I've owned every Com Truise album ever produced since they were new, owned Jan Hammer CDs and frickin' 40 years ago we called it krautrock and nobody got confused.

Guess I'm still grumping. Sorry 'bout that. Old habits die hard.

posted by zebra2: 620 days ago