The most powerful man in the world is constantly and deliberately inflaming racial divisions in America. It's Putin's wet dream.

But I did lol hard @"U bum", yesterday. LeBron's tweet has become the 15th most liked of all time.

P.S. I guess since this bit is a "live" article, the title and content are subject to change.?


I learned a few things from all of this -- first, I really don't pay much attention to football. I watch a few games each season, but don't follow it. And I assumed this protest was another celebrity protest that almost everyone ignored. Apparently not.Football is almost a religion--therefore protesting in football is heresy. Secondly, I was surprised how much many veterans care about honoring the flag & anthem. I thought taking a knee was probably the most respectful way of opting out. I'm not sure opting out of the anthem is the best way of protesting policing practices, but it isn't the worst. So to me it seemed like a quiet protest that almost everyone would ignore. But instead I just riled up a veteran by saying that people who disagree with this protest should just ignore it 'til it goes away.

posted by am_Unition: 721 days ago