I'm an artist. That doesn't mean very much. A lot of people are and a lot of people are better at it than I am

I wanted to say I don't look for Kodak moments. I don't like smiling pictures. Part of that is because I have formal training and no one smiled for pictures until recently. It's just what I'm used to. Having a picture made wasn't fucking fun for about the length of civilization. But I do look for insightful pictures

This is a picture I like because it shows a very sad person.


I thought it revealing

And I turned it into this


Same picture. Maybe not as sad.

I tell people I'm a camera sometimes because I'm not an illustrator. I can look and copy. I can't draw whatever is in my imagination. But I'm not really a camera. I can think and make decisions. I can take sadness and make it pretty because it is.


We have these inner atmospheres that color our world, but we do not often discuss how to reflect them, or what it means to reflect them. These differences we have in common evade easy communication by their very nature. You can sketch sadness, but how do you sketch your vision of that sadness? Why do we know when you've done it?

posted by tacocat: 574 days ago