The implication is clear: home cooks are being radicalized by the site’s recommendation algorithm to abandon their corned beef in favor of shrapnel-packed homemade bombs. And more ominously, enough people must be buying these bomb parts on Amazon for the algorithm to have noticed the correlations, and begin making its dark suggestions.

    But as a few more minutes of clicking would have shown, the only thing Channel 4 has discovered is a hobbyist community of people who mill their own black powder at home, safely and legally, for use in fireworks, model rockets, antique firearms, or to blow up the occasional stump.


Mass media (what we now consider "traditional media") has always been like that. Even now, they'll spread a panic inducing header "after the commercial break". Specially, tv, but also radio and printed press, since I can recall.

Internet has boosted this phenomenon, that's true, and many media outlets have fired part of their staff so they're trying to cope with faster news producing written by less people, and less experienced. Trainees and fresh graduates are cheaper than veteran journalists, and careful editing is just a fond memory in many redactions.

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