Fuckin' EVERY GODDAMN TIME THEY WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS it's about how great things were back when Reagan was in charge.

Hey chumps:

- Reagan banned stem cell research because it was going to lead to babymurder or some shit.

- Reagan ballooned the deficit in an attempt to grind the Soviets into the ground through overspending on bombs and guns.

- Reagan created the modern Middle East by funding the Mujahedeen in general and bin Laden in particular.

- Reagan destroyed the only union that backed him and effectively annihilated the middle class.

But I mean, we could go back further.

- Nixon destroyed any hope of universal healthcare with the invention of HMOs and the managed care industry.

- Goldwater went all in on segregation and unequal access to education and citizenship for minorities.

- Eisenhower/Dulles presided over McCarthyism, armed Saudi Arabia and let the Soviets massacre a nascent Hungarian democracy movement.

- Hoover created the Great Depression.

And now it's 1929. How far back shall we go? We all know you're just going to sit there clinging to Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln while muttering "democrats supported slavery prior to the Civil War" like it fucking matters.

posted by tacocat: 481 days ago