Putting a writing system into an oral society doesn’t actually do it, doesn’t change them. It requires something more, because the thing that’s important about writing and how it changes the thinking of the civilization is the literate aspects of it, the structure and the thought, in various ways. Anyway, so this is all stuff that’s water over the dam, but most people don’t understand it. Most people in media don’t understand it.


A good read.

It's an interesting idea that we might be moving backwards in education. That we aren't using technology to raise kids who use technology to think better, just using technology as more engrossing TV.

He mentioned Kahneman's system 1 and system 2 thinking -- that media consumption can fill system 1 thinking so much that system 2 can hardly be used at all.

It reminded me of quote by someone I have forgotten, who said he achieved all his success while only having a real thought about once a week, but that most people are lucky if they really think more than a couple times a year. His idea of "real thought" was similar to Kahneman's system 2 thinking.

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