If Tegmark has his way, Life 3.0 will be heavenly, as he puts quite well in the UN meeting that's now scheduled for November: “Fund AI safety research, ban lethal autonomous weapons, and expand social services so that wealth created by AI makes everybody well off.”

Unfortunately, the military giant companies have a thing to say about that, and I know that the Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems will continue on their merry way, to all of our detriment. It's the greatest problem in the world, and you are not listening because you think they'll avoid it just in time. That's what every other country thought too -- and every single country got it wrong, from the Babylonians to the British, and this time it will go back all the way to the stone age -- human beings will be history -- because of the scope and power and lethality they bring to the table. I'm trying to make you aware of the problem BEFORE it's too late. It's up to YOU, individually.

posted by ideasware: 493 days ago