My auntie thought of me this week and bought a vintage movie camera for my collection. This is the first video camera to make it into my collection, and it's a pretty nifty little machine. rd95 was super chuffed when I showed it to him. It's a Revere Model 88 Cine Camera. Here's what I know: it was manufactured in Chicago sometime in the 1940's-1950's. The company that made these was sold to the company that became 3M in 1960. Fully wound it would take 2 minutes of video, and had settings for 8-32 FPS. Since it was meant for use by the 'everyman' it had guides for exposure mounted to the film loading door and around the lens. This particular example came in a leather case with a strap. (I love the case on this thing, and I love the weird brain pattern of the metal camera casing!) More pics (mostly of the case and such) in the full imgur gallery.

*hat tip to kleinbl00 for the correction. This being my first non-still image film camera, I didn't know there's a big difference between the term movie and video. TIL.


It's a MOVIE camera, not a video camera.

"Video" is the electronic representation of a moving image through the modulation of a waveform. Your camera uses film. Technically it's an 8mm camera, the progenitor of Super 8, distinguished by outsized perfs that diminish the image capture area. Video recording would not effectively exist for another eight years, when Ampex released Quad for broadcast use.

posted by Dala: 558 days ago