I really heartily recommend that you give the military AI arms race the importance and seriousness it actually deserves -- although I know you are not going to do that anyway. This is a true national crisis at the highest levels, and you are not even paying attention, because you are into politics and sports and can't get off of that couch. I'm laughing, because it's blissfully obvious that China is going to beat us at our own game in AI, and we have only ourselves to blame. Ten years -- at the most, and probably not even that, before we're losing badly at AI. This is the greatest challenge in 3-1/2 billion years, the only game that actually counts for all the marbles -- and the final outcome, that witnesses the transformation to AGI and true robots twenty or thirty years from today, and the downfall of the human race, is going to be led by the Chinese, not the laughing stock USA.

posted by ideasware: 500 days ago