Journalism making use of Hamilton 68 (why wouldn't you buy if that's what you're calling that?):

From this post's article:

    They use these so-called “free speech” rallies as recruitment events to increase their membership, and they know violence sells. They also know that increasing their size and consolidating power requires more mainstream support, and a quick way to get that support is by portraying themselves as brave martyrs fighting against a supposed uprising of “violent leftists” — represented by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and anyone else they can fool the media into demonizing.

First things first: Fuck Nazis. I'd be totally fine with finding a pile of Nazi teeth on my doormat. Still, I will (ideally) not be provoked into violence when it plays into a narrative, as others have been. The discussion that I'd like to have centers around under what circumstances it becomes permissible to defend oneself with physical aggression, or even employ it offensively. And of course, general tactics for telling racist thugs that this shit is NOT ok. For starters, the use of social media to make them unemployable seems more than reasonable to me.

Regardless: This type of grassroots, semi-coordinated, digital influence campaign is still establishing itself, but as more and more Americans become disenfranchised with traditional/entertainment news, we need to keep our eyes peeled. I think it gets worse from here.

posted 1033 days ago