Reason article on the paper

PBS article without the Libertarian circlejerk

Sugar linked to depression in men from a week ago as well

I notice as an anecdote that when I eat a bunch of sweets I feel like shit for a day or two. I'm working on getting back into Keto as a long term assist to all the health shit I am dealing with. Note the first two articles and try to not notice the political slant of each. This is why I link the main paper so the smart people of Hubski can read the source.


<Note, haven't read beyond the abstract and won't have time to until Friday.>

I've been starting to look into a low-sugar vegetarian diet. The latter part of the diet I've been adhering to for the last two and a half years, but I think cutting sugar to a minimum beyond not drinking soda and limiting cookies is a very healthy next dietary step to take. Does anyone here have experience with this kind of diet?

posted by francopoli: 510 days ago