Interesting video, as usual! Thanks for sharing it.

I felt that it was very technical in the parts about how the science of it worked. I would need more science background to follow the thoughts and understand the implications. When it got to the part about the implications, the information got more vague. For instance, there was the part about how the technique could be used to control the fear center of the brain. In what ways? How would that help people?

The title itself brings up a lot of ethical considerations that just got a shrug in the whole piece. If this technology could be used to control someone's brain in ways that would change their behavior, should this technology be pursued? What are the safeguards that it won't be used for the wrong thing? What are the right things that it will be used for?

If the wrong things it can be used for outweigh the good things it can be used for, should scientists consider the ethical implications of pursuing the technology?

posted by neurotransmissions: 636 days ago