Thought dump thread! This episode was stellar as well. Spoilers below.


Some of my notes:

- Rick and Morty's rapid world building has me in awe every episode. I felt so bad for the little alien girl.

- Sakuga, have you heard of it? Here's even more Rick and Morty sakuga if you love this stuff.

- I shivered when Summer's skin was reversed, that looked so painful. I love that it was a reference to Attack on Titan for a gag, even if I haven't actually seen the show.

- R.I.P. "My Man!" guy.

- The last season has felt like Beth's season even though she still gets so little time- we just really don't know that much about her.

- I love getting an insight into Rick's process of inventing shit. Watching him create a blow dart, create fan blades, and build a trap chair for Jerry while arguing with him was gold.

- Personal note: Oof, my self-deprecation sometimes feels like my strongest attribute, and sometimes I feel reliant on pity in my relationships. It's not a great behavior.

- Other personal note: I love the cosmic apotheosis scene so much. It speaks to a realization really personal to me- the lessons found through psychedelics are only impactful in a vacuum, and without anything else people don't really change after them. The inclusion of the trip felt like a great cap to Jerry's personal journey. Also, it was such a good parody of the psychedelic scene trope.


My thoughts largely mirror your own.

I'll add that one of the things I really love about this show is the way that it's able to keep surprising you. Just when I think they've mined the characters' flaws, neuroses, and issues for everything they're worth, a new episode comes along that does something totally different. It somehow manages to be both predictable and surprising at the same time.

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