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Daily caller, but it's Stone who's... a sight to behold:

    Not understanding that “personnel is policy”, Bannon refused to fight for any of his allies or those who helped get Trump elected. It’s as if Steve felt the grubby business of patronage was below him.

    Bannon delivered the Trump State Department into the hands of the Globalists.

    Bannon failed to push the President to use his most potent rhetorical and political weapon-Term Limits -in his current fight with the Congress. ... which sent the clear signal to Republicans in Congress that you can thwart the President and there are no consequences.

    Tough talking Anthony Scaramucci, whom I like and whom I think was treated rather shabbily, was, as I said, a political suicide bomber. He took out two RINOS: Preibus and Spicer

posted 1058 days ago