In conversation, Jones’ demeanor is curious and enthusiastic. As he tears crumbs from his breakfast pastry, his eyes never wander or disengage. He asks me questions about my hometown in the Bay Area, about Ohio Players album covers, about college. We discover that we share an alma mater, New York University. At 23, Jones is a nimble thinker on the fly, and his versatility enables him to effortlessly traverse a wide swath of topics—from the fine art of burrito rolling to police brutality.

    These talents and idiosyncrasies translate to his music. For a young artist, his voice and cadence are extremely polished, and he is just as comfortable allowing a beat to fill space as he is moving through stanzas in double-time. But perhaps equally impressive is how emotionally and intellectually transparent his work feels. He processes the world around him through a deft use of timbre and twang.

posted by galen: 608 days ago