Essentially, engineering is all about cooperation, collaboration, and empathy for both your colleagues and your customers. If someone told you that engineering was a field where you could get away with not dealing with people or feelings, then I’m very sorry to tell you that you have been lied to. Solitary work is something that only happens at the most junior levels, and even then it’s only possible because someone senior to you — most likely your manager — has been putting in long hours to build up the social structures in your group that let you focus on code.

Tagging this one is difficult. Is #thehumancondition a stretch?


I've read the document. Then I went and saw what the media wrote and said about the document. I'm not sure that any reporter or journalist actually sat down and read the damn thing.

IMO worth a read. Some of it is on point some of it comes off as a reddit MRA post. But the guy writes that there is a culture of fear for people with different ideas then gets fired for having.... different ideas,

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