I've been trying to think of a way to introduce myself properly, and Hanen articles seem like am okay method.

This is what I do; I'm a paediatric speech pathologist and early language development is an area where I do a lot of work. That means that one of the things I do is read a lot about developmental psychology and neurology and disseminate it to parents in ways that are fairly simple to understand.

Fortunately for me, the internet is full of other speechies doing the same thing, so I can often give articles like this one to parents and teachers and spend more time discussing their thoughts, rather than pushing my own.

Sigh. Edited for spelling error. I might be a pro, but I'm a tired pro.


Interesting, but the article doesn't discuss why it is that the theory of mind and language delay issues seem to be interrelated. That is what I am curious about now. Guess I'll be heading down that rabbit hole soon, assuming I can find some articles about it.

posted by Gem: 827 days ago