According to all testimony, Báthory's initial victims were the adolescent daughters of local peasants, many of whom were lured to Čachtice by offers of well paid work as maidservants in the castle. Later, she is said to have begun to kill daughters of the lesser gentry, who were sent to her gynaeceum by their parents to learn courtly etiquette. Abductions were said to have occurred as well. The atrocities described most consistently included severe beatings, burning or mutilation of hands, biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other body parts, freezing or starving to death. The use of needles was also mentioned by the collaborators in court. There were many suspected forms of torture carried out by Elizabeth. . According to the Budapest City Archives, the girls were scalded with hot tongs and then placed in freezing cold water. They were also covered in honey and live ants. Elizabeth is also suspected of cannibalism.


Once upon a time, b_b and I got a call for grant proposals titled EUREKA (Exceptional Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration).

We submitted a grant suggesting the transplantation of young bone marrow to old mice, called BATHORY (Bone marrow Autologous Transplantation Helping the Old Regain Youth).

We did not get that grant.

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