I can hike around  4 mph with breaks,  and may be with a group going slower      at     some points. I am considering renting a bike for a day and exploring, is that a solid idea/where should  i bike and walk around and where should i take the public transport system?  bars, shows next week, radio station recommendations, and anything  you want to share would be appreciated.
p.s. also my first time flying, and visiting the Pacific Northwest, and seeing the ocean. hurrah


If you are going to the beach and plan to stay overnight the Sou'wester is a fun place to stay. It's a bit of a drive.

POWELL’S CITY OF BOOKS is the largest new/used book store in the world. If you like books you should go.

Right around the corner from Powell's is my favorite coffee shop Courier Coffee.

Multnomah Falls offers some easy hikes and beautiful scenery.

Forrest Park is one the nations largest urban forests. You can take public transportation (MAX train) to the park and check out the rose or Japanese gardens if that's your bag. The Chinese garden downtown is also popular. There are some good hikes and an arboretum.

Eat at some food carts! There are a ton of food carts and there must be something you'll like.

I think most of the big festivals have already happened this summer but there must be things going on. Most the things on my schedule are small neighborhood things and I don't know what's happening outside my neighborhood.

I'm so far outside the loop on bars and shows anymore I really can't help you on that front. My favorite place to drink is at Krugers Beer Porch, a fantastic cart complex with a good tap selection in out of the way North Portland.

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