I can slag on economists with the best of 'em, but there's a lot of empty criticism here. Economists spend most of their time slagging on other economists - the fact that there are so many schools that hate each other says a lot about how unsettled a discipline it is. "Most scientific of the social sciences" - Definitely an American problem (Piketty went back to France because he was uncomfortable with how "scientific" economic was judged to be in the US) and also a "thinnest fat man" descriptor. But most importantly, they can all be wrong and still be important because they're the ones making decisions about our economy. The theory that witches float is 100% bunk and it still killed a bunch of women in Europe.

Puttin' Bernanke up there's a cheap shot. He was very much a student of the Great Depression and did everything he could to forestall another one. We'll be arguing about whether his actions and decisions were good, bad or indifferent from now until the sun is a cinder but the fact of the matter is, he enacted unorthodox policies based on prior knowledge. Whether he was responsible or not for forestalling another depression is certainly debatable but using him as the frontispiece of "highly paid pseudoscience" is too snarky by half.

Especially coming from a guy with a doctor of Divinity.

posted by ooli: 545 days ago