Destiny 2 Beta: Open For All

To all of us who didn’t get the code necessary to download the beta for Destiny 2, here’s your chance to finally have a go at it. As previously announced by Bungie, the Destiny 2 beta was announced to land on July 21st at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 6 PM BST.

The beta gives you a chance to play Destiny 2’s multiplayer and campaign. The opening mission, Homecoming, will be your bread and butter. It will also allow you to play Countdown mode, which will have you attacking and defending on the Endless Vale map.

You will have access to one strike mission, the Inverted Spire, which you will fight through with two friends in a Vex stronghold. Matchmaking is available for those of us who don’t have a Fireteam to play with, and will help fill your slots quickly.

From July 23rd onwards you will have access to The Farm. The Farm lets players kick around a soccer ball, or do weird things like make friends with a chicken.

Destiny 2 arrives on September 6th on the Xbox One and PS4, October 24th is the arrival date for the PC.


1) The new guns are bullshit. Submachine guns are worthless, grenade launchers are a lot less useful than rocket launchers and the fact that I can pack two side-arms or two hand cannons but if I want a sniper rifle I now have to eat my heavy is about as flagrantly PvP-weighted as you could ask for.

2) Hunters are now useless. Go on Inverted Spire and the other two guys there will also be Sentinels, will also have a load-out consisting of an auto rifle, a scout rifle and a grenade launcher and will also activate their supers at exactly the same time as you.

3) The agility mods are so bad that you can literally create a Warlock incapable of jumping just by having them carry a scout rifle and a shotgun.

On the plus side, it's been nice to discover that I'm not abysmal at PvP when the world isn't dominated by ll400 Tryhards that have been playing 4 hours a day since 2014. On the minus side, ll400 Tryhards will still wipe the fucking floor with you.

And on the minus side, Bungie still thinks that 90% of their audience wants to get eight of their friends together every Tuesday at 7pm to shoot at each other despite the fact that 82% of Destiny 1 players never completed a Raid.

Fuck you, Bungie. I want to come home at an arbitrary time, pour myself a drink, fire up the console and enjoy myself. Based on the Destiny 2 beta, I'm such a bizarre corner case to your revenue strategy that you'd really rather I fuck off and play Journey again.

posted by Flaru: 728 days ago