According to my uncle (a Mayo doctor), its effectively a death sentence.

On a side, I have a lot to write and catch up on now that my internship is coming to a close. Hope to brain dump over the weekend.


My goodness, that is big news. He has been so central in the Republican party for such a long time.

He has been fairly outspoken with regard to Trump. It'll be interesting to see whether he now tones down on that score, or ramps it up.

I also noticed:

    He also told his doctor he had, at times, felt foggy and not as sharp as he typically is.

I wonder if this explains the odd line of questioning during the Comey hearing 8th June:

    The Arizona Republican has come under fire for a set of questions that seemed disjointed. He at one point made reference to "President Comey," and conflated an FBI investigation into failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's emails with the Trump-Russia matter.

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