Inspired by how well-received my infographic was on that other site (thx insomniasexx) and because I wanted to get better at web development / JS / AWS / d3, I made a site where you can check how the Ethereum pool is doing and learn how it works. I have a simple script to store the data from the API in a text file. The website checks only that text file. It's also only 225kb, all images are SVGs and it's fully responsive. And I'm quite fond of the domain I got.

What do you guys think? How's my explanation? Turns out the Ethereum yellow paper is actually not entirely unreadable when you put your mind to it.

(Todo: fix the site only working through that one port - I'm using nothing more than Python's SimpleHTTPServer module to deploy it. I'm also pretty sure I don't understand AWS security groups, so there's that.)

kleinbl00 mk


Slick! I think I'll be using this to help explain to folk. I agree with kleinbl00 that the EVM aspect is worth explaining a bit. I commonly run into people that ask me whether I think Bitcoin or Ethereum will succeed as if they solve the same problems.

That is a nice domain name. Do you have additional plans for it?

posted by veen: 552 days ago