Irrespective of what happens to Trump, my prediction is the decline in trust in civil institutions and in the norms of civil society is going to get far, far worse before it gets better, because Republicans have given up even pretending they give a fuck about these things.


Personally I think there are two things that can restore faith in Democracy.

1. Mueller completing his investigation, depending on what follows. If he doesn't recommend prosecution then he needs to give a very thorough presentation of his conclusion. If he does recommend prosecution then Congress must act accordingly.

2. A significant Democrat victory in the 2018 elections, either despite Russia's interference or, ideally, with the Intelligence Community affirming that Russian efforts at interference were thwarted.

I genuinely believe those are the two events that can change our outlook on the future of democracy in this country. If neither happens then I will be checking out.

posted by camarillobrillo: 552 days ago